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Self Defence Seminars

Learn to Defend Yourself Successfully.

In these violent times where assaults and attacks on the person are on the increase. The seminar is designed to show you how to avoid attack, or if unavoidable, how to fight back.

The seminar covers the things you can do to avoid getting into a confrontation or violent situation, coping with and protecting yourself from an attacker. You are entitled to feel safe and this seminar will give you the tools to ensure that you do.

The Full or Half Day Seminar comprises practical,effective Self Defence Techniques. There is an additional module available for people travelling abroad.

No specialist clothing is required; tracksuit bottoms, leggings or a leotard and a T-shirt should be worn. The Training Area has mats provided and so no footwear is worn. You are not required to be particularly fit, however, if you are significantly overweight, elderly, have not exercised for a long period of time, or suffer from diabetes, heart, respiratory or back problems, or any medical condition that may be of concern, it is advisable to consult your doctor before commencing any type of training.

Courses have been provided to Women's Organisations, Student Bodies, School Groups, Play Groups, Youth Clubs, Women's Institute and Women's Shelter Groups, among others.

For Individuals, One to One Self Defence training is available.

All our trainers have extensive experience of physical confrontation and self defence in real life, and are qualified to BTEC Level 3 - Self Defence. Many are ex service personnel, or door supervisors, and most have a background in one of the fighting arts. Male and female instructors are available.

Finding a Self Defence Course

For more information, or to book a Lone Worker Training Seminar, please contact us on 01279 419427, or email from our contact page.

MuggingThe Seminar

Wrist and Arm Hold Escapes
Clothing Hold Escapes
Applying Finger Small Joint Locks
Applying Arm Locks and Shoulder Locks

Using Body Weapons

Using Weapons to Hand

Escapes from Grabs and
Standing Strangles

Escapes from Ground Strangles


Take Downs and Throws
Prevention & Avoidance
Self Defence and the Law

Trainer Qualifications