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Personal Safety Training

What exactly is Personal Safety Training?

Personal Safety is the study, understanding and management of situations that an individual or group may experience which is physically or mentally harmful to their health or wellbeing, due to the actions of another person or persons.

OK, pretty technical, so what does this actually mean?

Quote: Has given me a greater sense of awareness out in the community and in peoples homesIf you, as an individual have felt threatened, or actually experienced, physical harm from another person, whether at work, when volunteering, or in leisure time, then you need to consider a Personal Safety Seminar.
The situation includes any in which the individual may be threatened with physical harm by members of the general public, work colleagues, people for whom you have a responsibility, or any other person.

It is the intention of Personal Safety to equip every person who attends one of our seminars to be in a position to deal with circumstances that may be experienced and might be detrimental to their health or wellbeing. Our opinion is that it is incumbent on all of us to take reasonable precautions to ensure that we are not attacked, whether this is in the street, at work, in a pub, bar or club.

Personal Safety Training Companies Come and Go.

Great course, very helpful, one that everyone should takeOver the years we have seen many organisations offering Personal Safety, Lone Worker and Self Defence training. Many companies get into this training area with only classroom learning (Train the Trainer) and no practical experience, unable to respond to the questions and scenarios, the standard of training is unsatisfactory and disappointing to the delegates. We have recently seen a rise in companies that offer management training get into the market, and just as quickly withdraw. With the delivery of professional seminars for over 30 years, P-S-T offers a professional tried and tested training regime.

For more information, or to book a Lone Worker Training Seminar, please contact us on 01279 419427, or email from our contact page..

Lone Worker - Housing Officer - Personal Safety Training Lone WorkingWhy Personal Safety Training?

There are many opportunities for those who have the intent and the means to assault, so the answer is to be prepared. The seminars offered all include techniques for avoiding confrontations which may lead to dangerous situations, for instance recognising the signs of aggression is a proven tool, and has helped in the prevention of thousands of attacks. The ability to prevent such acts of aggression or violence have been proven, and the savings in misery, hospitalisation, recovery, absence from work and litigation have been substantial.

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