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Inquest Criticism of South West Water over Electronic Lone Worker System - Article from West Briton - 2015

National Housing Federation Report - Comment from the NHF 2015 Annual Conference and Exhibition

Lone Social Worker Racially Abused and Attacked in Liverpool - Report from Liverpool Echo - 2015

Lone Working Psychiatrist Chased from Patients Home - Incident fuelled by alcohol abuse - 2015

Lack Of Vital Protection For Community Nurses Who Work Alone - Report shows lone working community nurses face risks to personal safety anywhere

NHS Protect Calls for Consistent Lone Worker Protection After Survey Highlights Gaps - Survey of NHS Lone Workers identifies risks gap for Lone Workers - 2015

Lone Worker Guidelines Adversely Affect Electronic Alarm Systems - Association of Chief Police Officer Guidelines recommend that lone worker alarms relating to ?less serious? incidents will not be escalated to the police - 2015

Lack of Cash & Resource Main Barriers to Boosting Safety of Lone Working NHS Staff - Report shows NHS Lack of Cash & Resource restricts Lone Worker Training - 2015

Nursing In Action - Almost Half of Community Nurses have been subjected to Abuse. - Report on RCN Survey on Personal Safety & Lone Working - 2015

Front Line Housing Workers Face Danger on a Daily Basis - What kind of abuse do they suffer and how often? - 2015

Better Safe Than Sorry - Article on risks faced by Housing Association Workers - 2015

Nurses in NHS Face Risks when Lone Working - Report on Lone Working in the NHS and Electronic Devices - 2015

17 Assaults on Nurses per day in Northern Ireland - Belfast Telegraph report - 2015

Minicab Driver Jailed after Sexual Assault on Passenger - Leamington Spa Courier - 2014

Stevenage Man Convicted of Verbally Abusing Royston Paramedic as Attacks on Ambulance Staff Rise - Hertfordshire Mercury - 2014


HSE Lone Worker Case Studies - Case studies carried our by the UK Government Health & Safety Executive

HSE Lone Working - The UK Government Health & Safety Executive Site

The Law on Self Defence - Practical advice on the Law as it applied to Self Defence from the Crown Prosecution Service

Lone Working and the Law - Is working alone against the law? What are the employers responsibilities? What does the employee have to do?

Corporate Manslaughter - The law on Corporate Manslaughter - case studies and Link to UK Legislation Website


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