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Lone Workers

Quote: Excellent - I would recommend for other colleagues and to corporate trainingLone Workers are vulnerable whenever working alone, whether in the office, in a retail outlet, attending a site or visiting a client or service user. The employer has a duty to ensure Lone Workers are protected, and trained to deal with situations where the Lone Worker may be at risk. Much of our business comes from organisations that have identified the risks after an incident has occurred. The HSE recommend that all workers are trained to deal with risks associated with the job - this is especially important in the case of Lone Workers.

Lone Worker Management & Response Teams

A real eye opener for both  management and staff -  informative and thought provokingWhether or not there is a technological solution available for Lone Workers, this does not obviate the employer from providing adequate and appropriate training for Lone Workers. However, those who respond to Lone Working emergencies or incidents have to be trained on how to deal with these stressful situations. The correct decision by management or responders, timely and relevant, is as important as the direct reaction to an episode by the Lone Worker. An appropriate response from the team and management can prevent a confrontation deteriorating into a physical assault.

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Our trainers have all worked in organisations where confrontation, the threat of physical violence and behavioural issues is a risk factor. The training content is based on real life experience, and the scenarios that are used for Lone Worker Training Courses are apt, relate directly to the type of risk likely to be experienced.

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