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Leaders in the Field of Lone Working, Breakaway & Personal Safety

Personal-Safety-Training is the leading provider of Lone Working, Personal Safety Training and Breakaway Training in the United Kingdom.

BrilliantSince 1992 we have provided specialist seminars to individuals, large and small businesses, local and national government, health, housing and education trusts, NGO's, charities, NHS, professional partnerships, and the education sector (schools, colleges and universities). P-S-T On-Site Seminars are bespoke, tailored specifically to the needs of the organization. We ensure that every seminar is relevant to the role and the potential risks. The ground breakers in Lone Worker Training, the company leads the field.

Breakaway & Lone Worker Training

Leading the way in Breakaway, Lone Worker and Personal Safety Training for staff and management, we have a team of dedicated, accredited and experienced professional trainers to provide your staff with the means to remain safe, and protect themselves in the work environment.

Breakaway Training

I Feel so much more confidentBreakaway is provided as an optional component of Personal Safety and Lone Worker Training. In this context there are no strikes, kicks or punches utilised. The methodology is designed around disengagement principles, rather than single techniques, and duty of care is emphasised throughout.
This means that the service provider is not expected to learn individual Breakaway techniques for every possible attempt to lay hands on them, rather there are a small number of easy to remember principles involving each type of physical attempt to hold or detain.

Violent Behaviour

I learned more in 1 day than the previous 7 years in Social HousingViolent behaviour is still a major area of concern (Home Office - Violent Crime Statistics), and this can result in a climate of fear. Lone Workers find themselves unable to respond fully to the demands of the role, due to the anticipation of being attacked.
The risk of work-related violence has remained at around 1.4% for the 4 years to June 2014, the figure for for Lone Workers is considerably higher at 3.8%. This has serious, long term consequences for employers and employees. It has damaging physical and psychological impacts, victims can suffer serious injury, and post-trauma anxiety and stress. The real cost to employers can very be high, for example, through absence, low staff morale, litigation and high staff turnover.

So What Is The Solution?

The solution is training, in recognising and using prevention methods, in managing confrontation and dealing with the consequences; whether a physical attack is involved or not.
It is a requirement under the law, and the responsibility of both the employer and the Lone Working employee to take steps to reduce risk in terms of individual and corporate Personal Safety.

For more information, or to book a Lone Worker Training Seminar, please contact us on 01279 419427, or email from our contact page.

Earl Walker - Head TrainerOngoing Training Solutions

In addition to the initial training sessions we provide ongoing training for staff and management:

Refresher Seminars - every 3 years;
Induction Training - for new members of staff;
Update Seminars - to take account of changes in legislation.

We can also handle the preparation and implementation of:

Risk Management Policies:
Risk Assessments; Training Procedures:
Risk Reduction Programs

Standard Training

Seminars are standardised to each type of Lone Worker profile, for instance the risks encountered by a Lone Worker in the Housing Sector a tenant will be different from a Lone Worker in Food Safety dealing with management and staff of a restaurant. Standard Lone Worker Training is an efficient and cost effective way of managing the training and risk management of staff. All Standard Training Seminars are eligible for CPD.

Bespoke Training

Seminars are assembled from standardised modules, specifically for each client, and for each staff profile and job description. This allows each Bespoke Lone Worker Training Seminar to be eligible for CPD. Each seminar is designed ensure that all eventualities are covered, and that the training is a good fit for your organisation.