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Breakaway / Disengagement Training

How To Deal With A Situation That Has Become Violent

At Personal Safety Training we provide Breakaway / Disengagement Training that allows employees to deal with physical confrontation. Whether through challenging behaviour or an intent to harm, the response should be swift and decisive. The objective is always to escape whilst causing the least possible harm to the aggressor.

What is Breakaway Training and how does it work?

Practical and effective trainingBreakaway Training is designed to allow the service provider, whether a Lone Worker or part of a team, to disengage from any situation where a client, service user or other person takes a physical hold, whether grabbing a hand, wrist, clothing or hair, grabs around the body or in the worst case, by the neck. Escape is always the primary objective. This can be particularly relevant to lone workers or those who have the occasional requirement for lone working.

The principles taught are not self defence, this is reserved for situations where an attacker is determined to rob, assault or injure with violence, and the robust response reflects this. The Breakaway / Disengagement Training is designed and taught around the principle that there is a Duty of Care to the service user. The possible use of contentious and/or physically damaging responses when reacting to an aggressive client is not an appropriate approach. The fact is that the Service Provider and User will often have to continue a relationship after any incident. It is therefore important that the response is not damaging, either physically or mentally, to the long term relationship with the Service User and/or others who may utilise the facility.

A Fresh Approach

Very good examples of realistic attacks and very good techniques on how to respondPersonal-Safety-Training have taken a long hard look at the type of Breakaway Training and the type of response that has been offered in the market, and has taken a completely different approach. Rather than adapt Self Defence, Unarmed Combat or Martial Arts techniques, which are designed to damage the aggressor, we have designed a tried and tested, highly effective series of disengagement methods which are safe, effective, easy to learn and importantly, easy to remember.

The result is a series of techniques, based on principles of disengagement, rather than individual techniques to deal with each specific attack. The syllabus is defined by body mechanics, and all of the escapes are simple and compellingly potent in their application and conclusion.

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Physical Assault - Lone WorkingWhen Breakaway Training is Appropriate

Breakaway is ALWAYS to be considered the last resort. The objective of Personal Safety & Lone Worker Training is to ensure that challenging behaviour is addressed prior to the situation reaching the point at which defence against physical aggression is required.

Non Interventional

All of the Breakaway & Escape techniques taught are non-interventional. This means that there are no strikes, kicks or punches utilised to disengage. The methodology is designed around principles, rather than techniques. In effect this means that the service provider is not expected to remember techniques for every possible attempt to lay hands on them, rather there are a number of easy to remember principles involving each type of physical attempt to restrain or detain.