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Why Choose P-S-T for Lone Worker Safety Training?

Personal-Safety-Training has been providing Personal Safety Training Courses since 1987 and Lone Worker Training Courses and Refresher Seminars since 1992. We have had vast experience in training individuals in looking after themselves in stressful situation, in particular when working alone.

Standard Training

Seminars are standardised to each type of Lone Worker profile, for instance the risks encountered by a Lone Worker in the Housing Sector a tenant will be different from a Lone Worker in Food Safety dealing with management and staff of a restaurant. Standard Lone Worker Training is an efficient and cost effective way of managing the training and risk management of staff. All Standard Training Seminars are eligible for CPD.

Bespoke Training

Seminars are assembled from standardised modules, specifically for each client, and for each staff profile and job description. This allows each Bespoke Lone Worker Training Seminar to be eligible for CPD. Each seminar is designed ensure that all eventualities are covered, and that the training is a good fit for your organisation.


For more information, or to book a Lone Worker Training Seminar, please contact us on 01279 419427, or email from our contact page.


What are the Advantages?

Reduces risk to workers

Increases individual self confidence and self belief

Client / Service User benefits

Full day training with scenario based workshops

Aids worker and organisational performance

Supplements Health & Safety Training

Complies with HSE Legislation

Augments Continual Personal Development

A well trained workforce is an asset to the organisation

Helps reduce staff turnover

Reduces compensation claims

Assists with recruitment

Trainer Qualifications