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Personal Safety Training is dedicated to spreading the message of Personal Safety across the UK.

Earl Walker is a Personal Safety, Self Defence Lone Working, Conflict Management and Anti-Bullying expert who has appeared, on numerous occasions on Local and National Radio and Television. Earl is usually available for interview during October for National Personal Safety Day.

Earl has been interviewed, taken part in discussions or demonstrated self defence techniques on:
LBC Radio
BBC Radio 4
BBC Radio Essex
Essex Radio
Channel 4

Earl has also provided copy for a major national magazine, and local newspapers.

With a wealth of knowledge and experience, Earl may be contacted for interview, comment and personal appearances.

Earl is a BTEC Level 3 Qualified Self Defence Trainer, holds NVQ Level 2 Coaching Qualifications and Personal Safety Trainer Qualification Level 4, and Level 4 Breakaway Trainer Certification.

A 5th Dan Black Belt in Ju Jitsu and a Qualified Ju Jitsu Instructor, is an ex boxer, wrestler and Door Supervisor. He also runs 5 Ju Jitsu clubs in Essex, which specialise in Self Defence.

For more information, or to book a Lone Worker Training Seminar, please contact us on 01279 419427, or email from our contact page.

Earl Walker

Earl Walker - Head Trainer & CEO

Earl Walker started Personal-Safety-Training in 1992, has over 35 years experience dealing with Conflict Resolution, Self Defence, Lone Working and Personal Safety Training.