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Personal Safety Training have provided, and continue to provide, Lone Worker & Physical Disengaement (Breakaway) seminars & courses to many organisations and groups including:

Local Government

London Borough of Enfield

A very well presented and appropriate classEnfield Council required Personal Safety, Lone Working & Breakaway Training for Environmental Protection (Enviro Crime), Planning Enforcement and Food Safety Officers who face challenging situations on a daily basis. P-S-T were chosen to provide the training in order to ensure that a fully CPD compliant seminar was provided which fully meets the needs of workers who face conflict and aggression on a regular basis.

West Cheshire & Chester Council

West Cheshire & Chester Council cover a significant portion of the population of the North West of England. Social Workers deal with many of the most vulnerable children and adults. This can result in significant risk to the staff members, and P-S-T have provided valuable training in Personal Safety, Lone Working, Risk Reduction and Breakaway Techniques. Training was provided to Social Workers dealing with a change from residential to community based model.

Essex County Council

ECC work with other local authorities, as well as regional, national and international authorities, to deliver services and represent the best interests of the people of the county. Providing services to local people including social care, after care services, commissioning care services and providing a safe environment for vulnerable people in the county. P-S-T have provide Lone Working, Personal Safety and Breakaway training to staff involved in social services.

Kent County Council

Is committed to staff training, in all departments and is taking action to ensure the safety of all staff who work in areas of risk. P-S-T have been commissioned to provide a number of seminars, including Lone Working and Physical Intervention Training for staff working in Parent Education and Social Work.

Northamptonshire County Council

Kingswood Childrens Centre. Services and activities are provided by qualified and experienced workers. Our setting provides a safe and stimulating environment where children can experience a range of activities which encourage play and exploration. For parents/carers we can offer support through groups, education and interaction with your child and their development. P-S-T provides Lone Working and Personal Safety Training to staff at the centre.

Housing Charities & Supported Living

Luminus Group

Luminus is a not for profit company based in Huntingdon, providing housing for more than 45,000 people, in 7,500 homes throughout the east of England. Involved in a wide range of activities, encompassing: business services, consultancy, construction, development and maintenance services, organisational and management development. P-S-T provides Lone Worker and Physical Disengagement (Breakaway) training to existing staff and new starters.

Swan Housing Association

Swan Housing Association was formed in 1994 and provides high-quality and affordable homes to rent and buy.
Operating in Essex and East London Swan locally manage over 11,000 homes, with plans in place to deliver over 1,000 new homes as part of an ambitious three year strategy.
Swan, are committed to growth and innovation in delivering excellent services. One of the UK's leading regeneration housing associations boasting a host of award-winning schemes. Efficient and enterprising, and committed to deliver new, high quality housing across all tenures. P-S-T provides Lone Worker and Physical Disengagement training to all front line staff in partnership with CSUK.

Phoenix Homes

A small housing association based in Colchester, Essex providing Supported Housing to people with mental health and/or learning disabilities and Alcohol Misuse services to anyone looking to address their level of alcohol consumption. P-S-T provide Physical Disengagement (Breakaway) Training to staff who support and Lone Work with residents.

Family Mosaic

A major housing charity based in the South East, Family Mosaic provide housing and support services to vulnerable adults and young people to allow them to integrate into society and live in the community. Clients may have learning disabilities, mental health issues, young people leaving care, former rough sleepers, drug and alcohol misuse, and acquired brain injuries. P-S-T supplies both Personal Safety, Lone Working and Physical Disengagement (Breakaway) Training to staff and front line workers to ensure their safety in a number of demanding roles.

Broadway (Now Broadway St. Mungos)

Broadway is a homelessness charity supporting, challenging and inspiring homeless people as they make their journey from the streets to a home. Working in over half of London's 32 boroughs and tackling the causes of homelessness, poverty, ill health, unemployment and the chronic lack of housing. By encouraging homeless people to take control of their futures and give them the tools and support to do so. Dealing with some of the most challenging behaviours, through P-S-T staff are learning to cope with verbal and physical assaults, with full Physical Disengagement (Breakaway) Lone Worker Training to ensure staff safety in dealing with difficult and dangerous situations.

FTF Care Homes (Francis Taylor Foundation)

Is a Christian charity dedicated to providing support and accommodation to people with learning disabilities. Personal Safety and Physical Disengagement (Breakaway) Training provide training to staff and management on dealing with travel, conflict resolution and Lone Working in a difficult and challenging environment.

East Potential - East Thames Group

Is a social and economic regeneration charity and a subsidiary of East Thames Group. It works across East London and Essex to empower local people to create a brighter future for themselves and make a contribution within their communities. Personal Safety Training provide Personal Safety & Lone Working Training to residents of the forums, helping the residents to be aware of the possible hazards of daily living, accommodation, travel and mitigating the risks.



Hockerill Anglo European College

The college provides both day and boarding places for boys and girls from 11 years old, and is a highly regarded international school, with a distinctly local perspective. P-S-T provides Personal Safety and practical Self Defence seminars to students.

Newham College

Providing Personal Safety in Education and Anti-Bullying Seminars for the staff of the college as part of the ongoing training and development programme at this East London College of Further Education. P-S-T also provide Personal Safety Training to students and Physical Disengagement (Breakaway) to Lecturers. Newham College is one of the largest further education colleges both nationally and in the Greater London area, with over 20,000 full- and part-time students.


Based in Loughton, Essex, is a well respected provider of on site workforce development for the East of England, London and the South East. Personal Safety Training, Lone Worker Training and Physical Disengagement (Breakaway) training is provided to keep staff safe whilst travelling, on site and within the training environment.

Glynn Technology School

Has a national reputation. Examination results, sporting success, music and dramatic achievements are evidence that learning flourishes under the guidance of energetic, talented, caring and committed staff. Personal Safety Training provide Personal Safety Training to year 10/11 students, as part of the Personal Development Programme.

Lancing College

Based in West Sussex is an independent school, founded in 1848, and provides education for children from the ages of 3 to 18 years. Personal Safety Training provide Personal Safety Training to year 10/11 students, as part of the Personal Development Programme, and to equip them with the knowledge that will ensure their personal safety throughout their university careers.

Brays Grove School

Based in Harlow, Essex is a State run school with a good local reputation. Teachers benefitted from a Personal Safety Seminar. Students benefit from Personal Safety Training as part of the Personal Development and Citizenship programme.


Guide Dogs for the Blind

Is dedicated to achieving a society in which blind and partially-sighted people enjoy the same freedom of movement as everyone else. Personal Safety Training provide Personal Safety and Lone Worker Training to both the blind, and those involved in training, working with, and caring for Guide Dogs.

Macmillan Cancer Support

Personal Safety for Fundraisers seminar was provided for the fundraising team, and management - with particular emphasis on Lone Working. Macmillan is dedicated to providing care to those affected by cancer.

Heritage Lottery Fund

P-S-T provide Lone Worker Training to workers who inspect project spending to ensure that lottery funds are spent in accordance with the terms of the grant.

National Deaf Children's Society

P-S-T provided training in personal safety and lone working to delegates at the annual convention, in Birmingham. The NDCS is dedicated to bringing down the barriers that face deaf children in society and to assisting deaf children and their families to ensure that deaf children are able to access the same opportunities as any other child in the UK. P-S-T provide Personal Safety Training and Lone Worker Safety seminars at the National Congress.

Star Ongar

Star Ongar is a local childrens and community charity, running local services including young parent?s supported housing scheme, Little Stars childrens centre, and various community projects. Star is part of the East Thames Group. P-S-T provided Personal Safety Training advice to the general public in a series of open seminars.

Loughton Festival

Seminar giving local people Personal Safety Advices, including Home Safety, Travel Safe, Dealing with Strangers, Going Out, Self Defence and the Law.

Corporations and Businesses


A consultancy Group based in Towcester and providing Health and Safety, Compliance, Testing, Energy & Carbon Reduction and Consultatancy Services. The workforce provide many of the services whilst Lone Working and P-S-T provided a Lone Working training solutions seminar covering site, office, travel and hotel scenarios, at the same time that an electronic Lone Worker Solution was rolled out.

Rydon Group

Rydon is a building and facilities maintenance company working for Local Authorities and Housing Associations in London and the South East of England. Staff meet a number of challenges from the general public and residents, including verbal and physical abuse. P-S-T provide Personal Safety Training, Lone Worker Safety and Physical Disengagement (Breakaway) Training, to ensure that staff are in as safe a work environment as possible.

Blackbird Bakery

A bakery group with shops and cafes in various locations in South London, P-S-T provided Lone Worker and Conflict Resolution to staff who work directly with the public. Some issues addressed are dealing with impaired customers (through alcohol or drug abuse), dealing with verbally abusive customers and resolving customer complaints and conflict situations.

H. T Squibb & Company Ltd

A demolition company specialising in strip-outs, H. T. Squibb employ workers and Project Managers who often work alone on site, at night and at weekends. P-S-T provide Lone Worker Training to staff and management.

Bard Group

P-S-T provide the Sales Team with Personal Safety advice and Lone Worker and Physical Disengagement (Breakaway) Training. Bard staff regularly visit clients out of hours, and often visit NHS Trust hospitals and clinics, where instances of challenging behaviour have been experienced.

Bingham McCutchen LLC

Is a well known and highly respected law firm based in the City of London, specialising in Corporate Law and Litigation. Personal Safety Training provide training to staff and management on Personal Safety & Lone Working in the workplace and in the community. Training also includes modules on lone working, travelling safely and personal safety when staying in hotels.

Danzas (UK) Ltd

A major freight forwarder and supply chain logistics supplier. Personal Safety and Lone Working seminars provided to transport workers in all aspects of the business.

Construction Safe UK

CSUK is a leading provider of health and safety advice and services, enabling companies to meet legislative requirements and to manage their safety on a day-to-day basis. P-S-T is a partner in providing Lone Worker & Breakaway Training to Housing Associations on behalf of CSUK.



Coachwise (National Coaching Foundation)

Is the premier resource in the UK for Sport Coaching and Training, and is approved by Sport England. P-S-T provided Personal Safety Seminars & Lone Working seminars for staff involved in coaching, travelling and visiting off site facilities.

Harlow Sport Centre

Provide the community in the area of West Essex and East Hertfordshire with unrivalled sport facilities, in addition to being a major event facility. Personal Safety Training provide Personal Safety Training and Lone Worker Training to staff and management on dealing with difficult, abusive or violent users.


Athena Womens Group

P-S-T Provided a Personal Safety seminar to this group of female business leaders in the West Essex / East Hertfordshire area.

Loughton Neighbourhood Watch Scheme

A group of Neighbourhood Watch Members and the General Public attended a Personal Safety seminar as part of the Loughton Festival, and topics included: Personal Safety Overview, Travel Safe, Going Out & Staying Safe including Date Rape, Carrying Valuables including Mobile Phone and Laptop Security, Safety at Home, Dealing with Callers, The Law as Relates to Self Defence.

Our thanks to those clients who gave their permission to publish details in the above list.

For more information, or to book a Lone Worker Training Seminar, please contact us on 01279 419427, or email from our contact page.