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Some comments and feedback from companies, groups and individuals who have attended Personal Safety Training seminars.

"Fantastic. I learned more about how to handle potentially violent situations in one day, than I have picked up in my career so far."

"Many thanks for coming along yesterday - your input was very informative and enjoyable - the staff particularly liked getting to grips with each other in the physical section!"

"Superb seminar, excellent instructor - he really knows his subject."

"The Self Defence seminar has given me the confidence to go out alone, safe in the knowledge that I can deal with a difficult situation, or escape when things get out of hand."

"Wow! Our members were simply blown away by the content and techniques - thank you so much for an enjoyable, informative and constructive day."

"I now actually think about mitigating risks, both personally and at work."

"Very good. Simple techniques that are easy to learn, recall and perform effectively."

"I wish I had this training before, perhaps, I would not have been injured at work if I had. I feel much more confident now, when dealing with difficult and aggressive service users."

"I have attended previous Personal Safety seminars for my work, but none as good as this. The trainer was very knowledgeable, and was able to respond to all of the questions after the class, I was hugely impressed."

"Well worth the time and effort - I feel more confident now."

"I really enjoyed this session, really useful."

"Both of the trainers were really enthusiastic, they answered all of the questions from our group with advice on actual situations that we had experienced, and the response was measured and thought provoking. In the analysis of situations experienced by us, forethought and how the conflict arose were explored, and very useful advice and tips given. Excellent!"

"Good instruction and insight, very well explained."

"I had not even thought about date rape and how it might happen to me, a bit scary, but really worthwhile. Made me think more about how I should look after myself."

"Brilliant basics, couldn't ask for more in the time frame."

"Very informative, well explained, the Breakaway Techniques worked every time and were easily learned."

"There was a lot to remember, I hope I can put it all into practice - I feel safer just having tried out the techniques - the notes will help."

"Thank you for the training, all of the staff members were impressed, and we will be asking you back to complete Personal Safety Training for new starters and refreshers in due course. We would be happy to recommend you to any others in the Education sector."

"This is so useful. I intend to show some of this stuff to my kids - I think my daughter will be safer understanding what dangers to look for when going out - things like taking a mobile phone photo of the back of a minicab before getting in."

"This will make me rethink how I approach people, and my body language, in future"

Our thanks to those clients and individuals who kindly gave their permission to publish their comments.

For more information, or to book a Lone Worker Training Seminar, please contact us on 01279 419427, or email from our contact page.

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